Beer Table

Skip the line at the bar! 

No more waiting around for service! 

Go on then, help yourself !!!



The Duke of Oz brings you the very first self service beer table in Leiden! 


duke logo abo .jpg

after work drinks

Take your colleagues out for a couple beers,

no need to wait around for the next round, pour your own beer..

and never miss a bit of office gossip again ! 

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The big game

Watching the big game with your friends,

No problem,

Pull up a chair, take a seat and pour the beer yourself!

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Celebrate in Style

Happy Birthday, Christmas or Monday.

Find something to celebrate and pour your own beer whilst doing so ! 


FOOD ...

Beer and Sport is our thing, food... Well thats another story, thats why our next door neighbour does all the cooking !

So if you'd like us to feed you, have a look at The Chipperoo.